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Marquee Events

2016 - 2017


Fight NightThe Academy - Women's Night Out

Latest News

Pain Crusade 2017 has happened!

This week on the RFPW Network!
Fight Night 111
The Academy 61

RFPW Championships
Championship Wrestler(s) Date of Change Show of Change Previous Champion
RFPW Championship Da Mack 04-04-2017 Boom: S7, Episode 9 Kurtis Norman
Women's Championship Ivelisse 11-04-2017 Boom: S7, Episode 10 The Alpha Female
Tag Team Championship The Darkness 24-05-2017 Fight Night 110 -
Cruiserweight Championship Rocky Future 19-04-2017 Fight Night 107 Da Mack
Academy Championship Mitch Davis 10-06-2017 The Academy 61 -
Online Championship Danny Richerdson 24-05-2016 Fight Night 110 -

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