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Marquee Events

2016 - 2017


Fight NightThe Academy - Women's Night Out

Latest News

Summer Games 2017 has happened!

This week on the RFPW Network!
Fight Night 121
Revolution S7 E18
Project X E3
Women's Night Out S7 E12

RFPW Championships
Championship Wrestler(s) Date of Change Show of Change Previous Champion
RFPW Championship Jordan Devlin 06-09-2017 Summer Games Da Mack
Women's Championship Tamera 29-07-2017 Fight Night 115 Ivelisse
Tag Team Championship The Dazzler Team 06-09-2017 - -
Cruiserweight Championship Ethan Silver 29-07-2017 Fight Night 115 Da Mack
Academy Championship Alex Cupid 11-08-2017 The Academy 65 Mitch Davis
Online Championship Jay Money 19-06-2017 Revolution 37 Danny Richerdson
Glamazons' Championship Jazzy Gabert 06-09-2017 Summer Games Bea Priestley
Project X Championship Tel Banham 26-08-2017 Project X - Episode 1 -

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