RFPW Juniors Special


The RFPW Juniors' Special is the 1st show since the Brand Split ended, and the 1st show for the newly created Juniors' Division, consisting of wrestlers aged 19 to 24.

The first two singles titles, are the Juniors ChampionshipJunior Women's Championship.

Whether there will be other titles, and whether the Junior Division will just be a division, remains unclear.

Match Card & ResultsEdit

No. Match Stipulations
1 Davey Blaze defeated Keith Elliott Singles Match
2 Freddy Stahl defeated Dylan Bostic Singles Match
3 Evangeline Evans defeated "The Great Fairy" Nana Singles Match
4 Noam Dar defeated Kurtis Norman Singles Match
5 Ariella Wolf defeated Lucca Ashtear Junior Women's Championship
6 Jeffry defeated Michael Schenkenberg Juniors Championship
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

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